Yasur Volcano Eruptions | John Seach
Tanna Island, Vanuatu

johnYasur Volcano has been in almost continuous eruption for hundreds of years. Dormant periods are extremely rare.

2014-2016 Continuing activity
2012-2013 Elevated activity.
2005-2011 Continued eruptions
2004. Elevated activity in March.
2003. Strombolian eruptions continue.
2002. Residents affected by ashfall in NE Tanna. Elevated activity.
2001. Low levels of volcanic tremor.
2000. Low level of activity in February. Lake Siwi drained.
1999. Eruption of bombs 600 m from vent.
1998. Continued strombolian eruptions.
1997. Eruptions from six vents.
1996. Strombolian eruptions.
1995. Ejection of lava 400 m from vent in January.
1994. Ejection of lava 400 m from vent.
1993. The surface area of Lake Siwi decreased by one-third.
1991. Periodic lava ponds. Continued ash and projectile emission.
1990. Small lava ponds in craters.
1988. Strombolian eruptions from four vents.
1978. Increase in ash emission in November.
1977. In October to November explosions heard at Lenakel.
1976. Six vents active in September.
1975. High activity with lava projectiles ejected onto flanks.
1974. Normal activity during the year.
1973. Low level of activity. Five vents active from May-June.
1972. Partial collapse of caldera following cyclone Carlotta.
1971. Two vents active in February.
1970. Low activity during the first half of the year.
1969. New vent opened up in August.
1968. Lava pond in crater during July.
1967. Small explosive activity.
1965. Intermittent explosions.
1964. Increase in activity in April and May. Five active vents.
1963. One active vent.
1960. Five active vents.
1959. The crater at Yasur had 13 active vents and vulcanian eruptions.
1951. 30 eruptions per hour.
1893. Loud continuous eruptions in October. Heaviest ashfall for 2 years.
1890. Five vents in June. Eruptions up to 100 m above the crater.
1889. Volcano less active.
1888. Large earthquake. Uplift of western shore of Port Resolution.
1878. Large earthquake. Volcano had a display of "tremendous force".
1873. Eruptions every few minutes.
1854. Severe seismic activity.
1793. Columns of smoke rose to a prodigious height.
1774. Port Resolution visited by Captain Cook on his second round the world voyage. He was prevented from climbing to the crater by locals, but viewed strombolian eruptions from a distance.

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