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johnApproaching the crater is dangerous at any time.
Yasur is a potentially hazardous volcano. Reported activity levels are for general scientific classification only, and do not relate to visitor safety. Even during periods of low activity, large explosions can occur without warning.

Eruptions of Yasur Volcano

Hazards at Yasur Volcano - John Seach

Yasur volcano has not produced a large destructive eruption historically. Magma chamber inflation is currently being accommodated by the volcano. The largest reasonable level of activity expected is the ejection of bombs 3-4 km from the vent, and pyroclastic flows threatening low lying areas near the volcano. This type of activity would pose a danger to nearby villages. Projectiles pose a serious hazard for visitors to the crater. Approaching the crater at Yasur volcano is dangerous at any time.

Ground deformation
Yasur volcano has the second greatest level of ground uplift in the world. Since 1000 AD there has been a yearly average uplift of 149 mm. This is only beaten by Iwo Jima volcano in Japan with 200 mm uplift per year since 1200 AD.

Volcanic and tectonic earthquakes, and landslides may result in the production of tsunamis which may threaten coastal populations.

Lake Siwi broke through its natural dam in 2000 flooding Sulphur Bay Village and destroying houses.

Landslide and debris flow pose significant risks to the surrounding population. Uplift of the caldera creates unstable ground, combined with the deposition of unstable ash and cinders.

Periods of strong volcanic activity may cause ashfall over large areas of Tanna Island. Ashfall can damage crops, cause roofs to collapse, and result in mudflows after rain.

Gas samples collected from the plume crossing Yasur crater rim in 1988 contained SO2 and HCl gases at concentrations between 3 and 9 ppm. This is a hazardous level of gas. This level of SO2 causes a decrease in lung function and immediate irritation of eyes nose and throat.

Lava Flow
Lava flows rarely occur at Yasur volcano. 


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